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About Us

mediSOS - A must for everyone.

Every nation has its own set of health care challenges. But could open data and ubiquitous access be the key to unlock better health for all of us?

Developing countries like India as well as the developed countries face a growing need to fix its basic health care systems.

We continue to face challenges as a system.

Health care systems in India and the quality of underlying health outcomes significantly lagged those of peer nations and is on life support.

Given this inflection point, we’re here to help. Introducing MediSOS: A one stop Mobile Emergency-MedHealth App.

We are an energetic young vivacious team, who are ever ready to incorporate new suggestions and dimensions to the present systems and has a huge experience in providing health care solutions.

MediSOS aims to save lives and promote health compliance.

You don’t need multiple healthcare IT systems, you only need one.

MediSOS is a suite of fully integrated services from one click emergency communication & first aid support to one stop repository for all your medical history.

Comprehensive is an understatement. MediSOS offers emergency and patient compliance solutions, real time data analytics and marketing solutions to the businesses. Prevention and early stage management is a core focus area.